The ultimate in luxury, soft merino wool clothing, the Icebreaker Black Sheep collection is made from the finest fibers to create a beautifully soft and lightweight line. Comfortable enough to wear day or night, our long-sleeved tops and sweaters are perfect for every activity – whether at the office or sitting by the campfire. Because the Icebreaker Black Sheep line is crafted from our softest and finest merino fibers it is ideal for the modern traveler due to its low bulk and ability to fold small. The perfect night time camping wear, this comfortable clothing collection can be layered over some of our simple base layers or worn on its own. The beautifully soft merino wool finds the perfect balance between ultimate style and luxurious comfort. Be sure to check out our other collections, like Icebreaker GT for active wear for high intensity sports, or RealFLEECE® for lightweight jackets and tops. With the Icebreaker Black Sheep collection, you’ll experience the ultimate in comfort and style.