A typical icebreaker merino station is about 40,000 acres, and supports about 15,000 animals
- that’s a lot of freedom


Merino sheep live free range, and are given extra feed at times of slow pasture growth. The growers who raise them are required to meet our strict welfare code:

  • Freedom from thirst and hunger
  • Provision of appropriate comfort and shelter
  • Prevention of (or rapid diagnosis and treatment of) injury, disease or parasite infestation
  • Freedom from distress
  • The ability to display normal patterns of behaviour
  • Sheep dogs don’t miss out: we have standards of care for them, too.

No mulesing


Mulesing is a controversial procedure carried out in some countries that involves removing skin around the tail to prevent flies laying eggs and causing a painful infection. Growers who sign contracts to provide wool to Icebreaker agree not to use mulesing on their sheep, by either the traditional surgical method or the clips method.

We guarantee your Icebreaker is mulesing-free.