Performance qualities

Our merino wool combines the best performance qualities of traditional wool and synthetics, but without the plastic


Traditional wool is itchy to wear because its coarse fibres push into your skin. But Icebreaker merino fibres are so ultra fine that they don’t irritate your hair follicles - so no itching or prickling


In cold weather, our merino uses moisture absorbed from the environment to generate heat (a process called “heat of sorption”). Its crimped (wavy) fibres also contain millions of air pockets that lock in body heat to keep you toasty


In warm weather, Icebreaker merino keeps your skin cool by transporting moisture vapour away from the skin to be evaporated. And because Icebreaker merino breathes beautifully, moisture vapour escapes without making you feel clammy

When Kiwi scientists asked a team of people to smell used socks, the socks made from wool were 'clearly less objectionable' than any other. Wool came out top in The Pong Test, followed by cotton, polypropylene, acrylic and polyester

Merino Wool vs. Synthetics


Icebreaker merino pulls moisture vapour to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates before the vapour turns into sweat. It can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before you even start to feel wet, and it dries fast. (Not quite as fast as synthetics, but the world isn’t perfect...)


Our merino has an exceptionally high warmth-to-weight ratio. The fine, lightweight fibres give you all the warmth of a heavy sweater – without the bulk


Synthetic fibres feel clammy because moisture vapour can escape only through holes in the fabric. But with Icebreaker merino, the fibre as well as the fabric breathes to prevent you overheating


Icebreaker merino resists odour naturally, and can be worn for days — even weeks — without washing.

Wool: The Least
Flammable of Fibres


Wool is the least flammable of fibres, and the safest to have next to your body. It’s self-extinguishing and, unlike synthetics, it won’t melt and stick to your skin – so it’ll keep you safe around the campfire

Easy Care

Resilient Icebreaker merino is machine washable, dries quickly (on the line or on the back of a chair – not in a tumble dryer ) and bounces back into shape without ironing, which makes it ideal for travel

Anti Static

Clingy? Ugh. Comfy? Oh yeah. Icebreaker merino is resistant to static electricity build-up, which means it won’t cling or rustle

Why layer merino?