Frequently Asked Questions


What is the nature.rewards programme? How does it work?
It’s our small way of giving back to our most loyal customers. How does it work? To put it as briefly as possible: Members of the programme earn points on purchases* and automatically earn rewards when they reach certain thresholds of accrued points. We refer to these thresholds as “tiers”. The higher the tier a member reaches within a nature.rewards year, the greater the rewards they’ll receive.

*purchases made in participating stores or on the Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland icebreaker website,


What is a nature.rewards year?
From 2 March 2021 onwards*, a nature.rewards year starts and ends on the anniversary of the date you signed up to the programme. For example, if you joined on 4 September 2020, your nature.rewards year will end on 3 September 2021.

*On 2 March 2021 we released a major update to our loyalty platform, as an effect of this, all members who joined before this date have had their new join date set to 2 March 2020.


What happens at the end of a nature.rewards year?
When that time comes around, you’ll be notified. Your points and tier status will reset to zero but any vouchers you may have earned will still be redeemable, so long as they haven’t expired.


How do I find out when my nature.rewards years starts/ends?
Easy. Just navigate to the nature.rewards section of your account page and it’ll say there what your anniversary date is. Your nature.rewards year starts on the day of your anniversary every year.


About joining or membership

Am I eligible to join the nature.rewards programme?
So long as you are at least 18 years of age, you’re more than welcome to join nature.rewards. We do have a couple of exceptions: Employees of icebreaker Ltd and all its affiliates and subsidiaries, and/or individuals receiving a discount or free product to represent the icebreaker brand are not eligible.


How do I join the nature.rewards programme?
Easy! Just go to our sign-up page and you’re on your way. Otherwise if you are signed in with an icebreaker account already you can opt-in from the nature.rewards section of your account.

Just a quick note when you’re joining: Be sure to enter an accurate email address, as this is how we’ll identify you and grant you your points and rewards.


How do I remove myself from the nature.rewards programme?
Decide nature.rewards is not for you? You may opt-out of the programme at any time by getting in touch with us.


When can I join the nature.rewards programme?
If you’re reading this: you can join now! Or whenever suits you, really.


About points

How do I earn points?
To get you off to a head start, you’ll earn 50 points just for joining nature.rewards. After that, as a member, your primary avenue for earning points is by purchasing our product on this website or at participating stores. You’ll receive 10 points per € / CHF spent on eligible full-priced items and 5 points for every € / CHF spent on discounted product.


Can my points be converted into cash or used to redeem rewards?
Sorry, no. Accumulated points are used for the sole purpose of determining the membership tier you reach within a nature.rewards year. Points have no cash value and you cannot give or transfer your points to anyone else.


Do my accumulated points expire?
All the points you have earned within a nature.rewards year will continue to accumulate until the end of your nature.rewards year. At the end of your nature.rewards year, all your accumulated points will be reset to zero for a new year of nature.rewards.


Is there a “pending” period for points or a delay in points being awarded?
There may be a delay of up to 37 days between the time of purchase and the actual award of points to your account. During this period, the status of your points will be marked as 'Pending' on your nature.rewards account dashboard.


Can I earn points for purchases made during a promotional activity and/or sale?
Absolutely. Members earn 5 points per € / CHF spent on discounted product unless otherwise specified.


About tiers

How do Membership tiers/levels work?
Basically, each tier contains a set of rewards. The higher the tier, the better the rewards. To reach higher tiers and earn those rewards, all you need to do is acquire enough points. Simple as that. Acquire enough points to reach a new tier, the rewards are yours.

For example, you’ll start as a “Member” with zero points. Once you accumulate at least 2,000 points you’ll reach the first reward tier, “Seeker”, and earn those rewards. These are the reward tiers:

Accumulated Points Membership Tier
0 – 1,999 Member (Start)
2,000 - 4,999 Seeker (Tier 1)
5,000 - 9,999 Adventurer (Tier 2)
≥10,000 The Natural (Tier 3)

What happens if I earn enough points in a single purchase to skip a tier?
Well first of all, thank you for being such a fan of icebreaker. Secondly, in that case you’d just earn the awards associated with the tier you reached.


Does my status within a tier expire?
Just as points reset to zero at the start of a new nature.rewards year, so does your status. Any unused vouchers will still be usable for as long as they aren’t expired, but for each new nature.rewards year you’ll be starting fresh on our bottom tier for a new year of rewards.


I’ve reached The Natural tier, your highest tier, what happens now?
An achievement only select-few actually accomplish, good on you for that! As thank you, we’ll occasionally send exclusive random benefits to our most loyal customers in our highest tier, “The Naturals”. However, at this point there isn’t anything more you can do to earn more rewards until your rewards year comes to an end. Once that time comes around, your points and status will reset to zero so you can earn rewards all over again. We’re working on getting more ongoing benefits to The Naturals soon, we promise, so stay tuned for this.


About rewards and vouchers

What rewards and benefits do I receive as a member?
Besides being on our list of favorite people, you’ll earn a few special benefits just by being a member:
- Exclusive updates of upcoming events, product launches and end of season sales via email newsletters
- Early access to sales
- Early access to new season/product launches
- Exclusive preview to new products
- Exclusive promotions/offers

On top of that, you’ll earn tangible rewards based on what tiers you reach during a nature.rewards year.

Accumulated Points Membership Tier Tier Rewards
0 – 1,999 Member (Start)
2,000 - 4,999 Seeker (Tier 1)
  • € / CHF20 off voucher
5,000 - 9,999 Adventurer (Tier 2)
  • € / CHF60 off voucher
≥10,000 The Natural (Tier 3)
  • € / CHF150 off voucher

Reward vouchers are subject to the programme’s terms. They are not Gift Cards of icebreaker and they expire 3 months from the date issued.


How do I use my reward voucher?
Each voucher has a special code associated with it. You can copy and paste the code to the promo code field in your cart, or you can simply click the “Redeem” link found next to the reward in your account.

A couple things to note with using vouchers: The value of each voucher must be utilized in its entirety within individual purchases. The voucher’s value cannot be partially applied, split across multiple orders or saved for future orders. Return of items purchased with a reward voucher will not result in the reinstatement of the reward. Other terms of vouchers can be found in our T&Cs page.


Where can I use my reward vouchers?
Vouchers can be applied on purchases made on or in any of our participating stores, just so long as the voucher hasn’t expired of course.


Do my rewards expire?
Rewards vouchers do come with an expiration date. From the date issued, the reward will expire 3 months after.


Other questions about nature.rewards

What are the "participating stores" in which this programme is available?
Great question, you can find a list of current participating stores within our nature.rewards T&Cs page.


What Email and Privacy Policies govern my membership subscription?
We’re as concerned about privacy and security as you. An answer to this question can be found on our nature.rewards T&Cs page.