Move to natural

Plastic against your skin? We believe there’s a better way and nature has the answers. Feel the comfort of responsibly sourced natural fiber clothing.

Natural ambassadors

Meet the inspiring humans leading change. The advocates for choosing natural solutions. For SS20, our natural ambassadors are highlighting the impact clothing choices have on the environment and how everyone can join the movement towards natural solutions.


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“Simply the best active tee I have ever worn.”
cool-liteTM Motion Seamless

“My upper body stayed cool. The Sphere pulled every bead of sweat away from my skin.”
cool-liteTM Sphere

“A great-looking shirt from any perspective.”
tech lite

Be inspired

Our panel series explores the impact of clothing on the environment and what we can all do to make changes in our lives.

How Can Nature Provide the Solutions?

Hosted by Lucy Siegle, ethical journalist, The Guardian

JUNE 2019

We know things are broken. In London, our panel of experts look at some natural solutions to the challenges of modern living.

How Can We Turn the Tide on Plastic?


SEPT 2019

Hosted in Munich, this panel discusses the everyday changes we can make in our lives to reduce our impact on the planet.

What is Really in my Clothing?

Hosted by Clare Press, sustainability editor at large, Vogue

OCT 2019

In Sydney, our panel of experts discuss what is really in clothing, and how consumer, industry and government can all work together to make better choices for our planet.

The Global Movement to Natural

Wrap up panel

JAN 2020

All over the world, people are waking up to the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. We’re on a mission to change the way people think about clothing. Microfibres from textiles are an invisible threat to our planet. The answer? Move to natural.

“We can make better choices as far as not using single-use plastic, the type of clothing that we buy, and supporting alternative solutions in our everyday life.”

Ben Lecomte