The Ultimate Guide to the Comfiest Underwear

01 February 2024


When it comes to comfort, underwear can make or break your day. Whether you’re powering through work, hitting the gym, adventuring outdoors, or just enjoying some downtime, the fabric that hugs your skin matters. To help you choose your best underwear yet, we’ve put together this complete guide. We’ll also be taking a closer look at Merino underwear, and why this unique fabric can be a game-changer when it comes to comfort.

The foundation of comfort: building from the bottom up

When it comes to underwear, comfort is king. The perfect pair should feel like a second skin, barely noticeable, yet still providing the right support. Whether it’s a cool, breathable set of underwear for every day or something more supportive for when you’re active, the right underwear can make a world of difference to your comfort and confidence. Here are some key tips on picking out the right pair for every occasion.

Everyday comfort

Daily comfort starts with the basics. For ladies, a stretchy and breathable set of bikinis, briefs or your preferred cut of underwear is a great place to start. Neutral colours are a great foundation, plus they won’t show under lighter clothing.

For bras, go for something stretchy and comfy, also in a neutral colour - perfect under a work shirt or a casual tee. Bras with a racerback design can also add support if you’re more active, or conceal straps under t-shirts and tank tops.

When it comes to men’s underwear, gents can keep an eye out for fly boxers, briefs or other cuts. Long boxers for men provide extra coverage, which is great for those who prefer more material. For everyday wear, men's seamless boxers can mean an extra dose of comfort, ensuring no rough seams rub against your skin.

At the gym

Hitting the gym calls for something a bit more supportive and breathable. For women, a racerback bra offers both, keeping you secure during even the most vigorous workouts. Hitting the outdoor track on a cooler day? Supportive women's thermal underwear or Merino underwear will help keep you dry and comfortable.

For the gents, it’s about finding the balance between freedom of movement and support. Cool boxers or briefs can be ideal for a workout session.

Outdoor adventuring

When adventure calls, having the right underwear becomes even more important. A great set of thermal underwear for women is a must. It’s perfect for layering under hiking pants, providing warmth without overheating. Merino wool underwear is especially great for its temperature-regulating qualities, keeping you comfortable whether you’re scaling a peak or setting up camp.

For men, a good pair of men's Merino wool underwear is the perfect option for outdoor activities. Merino underwear for men is not only warm but also cushioned for comfort and odour resistance. Thermal Merino wool boxers can also add an extra layer of warmth for cold-weather adventures.


Comfort is a top priority for those lazy days at home. Soft, warm women's underwear, like a cosy pair of Merino wool leggings or a thermal bra, can be the perfect companion to a day spent lounging at home.

For men, a quality pair of wool men's underwear, like a pair of Merino men’s underwear, offers a relaxed fit that’s just right for kicking back. The natural breathability of the fabric keeps you comfortable, no matter how you choose to relax.

Layering essentials

Underwear needn’t mean standalone pieces. Whether for keeping active or outdoor adventuring, the right layers can mean both great function and top-notch comfort.

Camisoles and singlets

Camisoles and singlets for women are unsung heroes of comfort. These lightweight, versatile pieces can be worn alone or as a base layer, adapting to any outfit or activity. They're perfect for those days when you want minimal fuss.


Bodysuits are another excellent choice for ladies who need a combination of comfort and convenience. Acting as a seamless base layer, they can smooth out your silhouette and stay tucked in, ensuring your outfit looks polished all day.

Thermal T-shirts for Men

For men, thermal t-shirts and other base layers are the perfect undergarments for cooler weather. Not just for outdoor adventurers, these tees provide an extra layer of insulation without adding bulk, making them ideal for whatever the day throws at you.

Why Merino underwear means day-long comfort

In short, no matter what the day has in store, the right underwear can give you the comfort boost you need. While cotton, cotton blends and certain synthetics can be good underwear choices, none are able to pack in as many benefits as a quality pair of Merino underwear. Some of the many benefits of Merino include:

  • Temperature regulation: Merino fibres naturally help to regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in warm conditions and warm in cooler conditions.
  • Moisture management: Merino wool can absorb a large amount of moisture relative to its weight, and then release it into the air, helping to keep the skin dry.
  • Odour resistance: The natural properties of Merino wool inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria, which means Merino underwear stays fresher for longer between washes.
  • Softness: Unlike traditional wool, Merino fibres are extremely fine, making them soft and non-itchy against the skin.
  • Durability: Merino fibres are strong and resilient, which helps the underwear retain its shape and last longer.
  • Breathability: The fibres are naturally breathable, allowing air to circulate and prevent overheating.
  • Natural elasticity: Merino wool is naturally stretchy, which means the underwear will move with your body without sagging or losing shape.
  • Easy care: Many Merino wool garments are machine washable and can even be tumble dried on low settings.

Your most comfortable underwear yet

Whether you’re on the lookout for high-quality everyday basics or underlayers for an upcoming outdoor adventure, at icebreaker we’ve got all the Merino underwear you need. From men’s Merino boxers, cool boxers, thermal underwear and base layers to ladies’ underwear and leggings, we’ve got you covered – no matter where the day takes you.



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