Do I need to provide a mobile number at account creation? What happens if I don't?
Providing a mobile phone number is completely optional. You can still continue with the account registration process if you do not provide a mobile number.

Why should I provide me mobile number?
You will enjoy the convenience of having your mobile number stored in your account, and will be able to use it for different kinds of mobile communications from Amazon. For example, you can sign up for delivery status updates via text messaging for the products you order. We are working hard to expand our mobile options.

Do I have pay for the text messaging services at Amazon?
Text messaging services provided by Amazon, unless otherwise stated at sign up, are free. However, any text messaging costs charged by your carrier based on your user mobile plan would still apply.

Can I use my international mobile phone number for text messaging services at Amazon?
We're sorry; we don't currently support international mobile phone numbers.