Why is merino wool good to wear?

19 August 2020 | Jamie Patterson

Merino wool regulates body temperature, wicks moisture and feels so soft to wear. That’s what makes it so comfortable all-year-round.

Merino wool comes from... you guessed it, merino sheep. Bred amongst some of the most rugged and changeable landscapes in the world, merino sheep have evolved a uniquely versatile coat that keeps them warm and dry through the winter, and cool in the summer.

Merino wool is the natural, renewable fibre that comes from these sheep. It’s the ability of these natural fibres to regulate temperature that keeps the sheep so comfortable in every season, and that same quality that keeps us warm in merino clothing the world over.

Cool and breezy in summer

It may seem strange to imagine wearing wool in the heat, but merino is not like other wools. Its lightweight fibres are designed to not only keep you cool but to naturally wick away sweat and moisture. Find out more about merino in summer here.

It’s this quality of merino clothing that means you don’t need to wash it as often. After wearing a merino T-shirt for a day, simply hang it up and wear it again. Merino doesn’t retain odour like other fabrics, so by washing it only after several wears, not only are you saving time, you’re also saving water and having less impact on the environment.

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Renewable and biodegradable fibre

Each merino sheep produces about four to five pounds of wool per year. When they get a haircut it’s that wool that forms the natural fibres that make up our merino clothing. Merino fibre is renewable and biodegradable*. Research has shown that after about 12 months buried in the earth, merino fibres break down. It’s mother nature’s way of reabsorbing this natural material.

So soft to wear

Merino is also softer than other wools: its fibres are ultra-fine (about a third of the diameter of human hair.) It’s not prickly like other wool - because it’s so fine, the natural fibres can’t stand up to their own weight, making them bend and feel super soft and gentle against your skin.

It’s all these benefits and more that make merino a super wool. It’s more lightweight, soft and comfortable than other wools, keeping you warm, dry, cool, and safe, no matter where you go. From mountain tops to board rooms, airports to island getaways, wherever your adventures take you, our merino wool clothing keeps you naturally comfortable the world over.

*under certain conditions.

by Jamie Patterson

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