Save 20% on sock packs*

Buy two-packs of socks and save. Crafted from unused icebreaker fabrics in soft and breathable merino blends.

save on new
underwear bundles

Save on underwear bundles. Crafted from unused icebreaker fabrics, the collection features new colours available for the first time in your favourite underwear styles.

Give natural.
Feel good.

Nature’s fibers are luxurious, renewable and biodegradable.
Rethink the cycle of giving these holidays with gifts from nature.

Terms and Conditions

Discount is included in the price of the sock pack.

Savings as compared to the price of separate sock pair purchases.

Win €1,000
with icebreaker

For a feel-good start to the gifting season, we’re giving away a €1,000 icebreaker voucher. To enter, correctly answer the competition question.


Wear the official crew tee of The Vortex Swim and
support research into ocean plastic pollution.

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