Stay comfortable all day long with women's thermal underwear from icebreaker. Choose from a variety of styles including shorts and hipkinis, all made with the same merino wool you love with a touch of LYCRA® to create the perfect sensual and soft fit. Silky smooth and lightweight, our women's underwear is the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe. Merino wool's natural fibres give it unparalleled temperature control properties along with moisture wicking abilities that make it the perfect material for camisoles, sports bras, knickers and thermal underwear. Used in layers, merino wool traps warm air between your base layers, mid-layers and outerwear, providing you with heightened comfort and warmth no matter what activity you're pursuing. Don't forget about our collection of layering options like women's leggings, base layers and mid layers. Shop now and experience the comfort of our layering system.
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