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12 years



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August 2017

tell me the story of how you came to work with icebreaker?

"We started work with icebreaker when this guy came down to our factory in Timaru and he had a ring on his finger, on his thumb. I’d never seen one of those before and his name was Jeremy Moon. He walked in and he’d come across these singlets that were being made by a farmer up in Marlborough and he wondered how he could expand that product range. So, we talked to him and made our first product in 1996. In the first year we processed three bales of wool, which was basically 500 kilos of wool. We’re now processing close to a thousand tonne of 100 percent New Zealand wool in this plant here, right from shipping it all up from New Zealand, ensuring all the integrity of our processing. We’ve gotten to know icebreaker very well over that time and we very proud to be part of the icebreaker supply chain."

What do you enjoy most about your relationship with icebreaker?

"Our relationship with icebreaker is about the people that we deal with. We appreciate the values of what icebreaker have. The wool business can be a tough business and a lot of it is just based on price. Whereas, the icebreaker relationship is built more on the whole product line and that’s through the people that we work with, the products that you’re making, the developments that you’re doing, how we can help icebreaker and how icebreaker can help CHARGEURS. It’s the openness and the transparency."

"We’ve gotten to know icebreaker very well over that time and we very proud to be part of the icebreaker supply chain."


How do you & the icebreaker team work together collaboratively?

"In the 20 years, as I say, we started at 500 kilos and now we process close to a thousand tonne; so, you can imagine the pains and the gains that have gone on and all that growth that has happened in that time. We’ve worked with icebreaker in developing systems to ensure that we can meet all the demands that icebreaker are going to have for now and in the future. We work with all your supply partners in the icebreaker supply chain to ensure all communications there; so, that if there’s any issues that need to be looked at and resolved, then we resolve them in a simple manner and in a quick manner. It hasn’t been all beer and skittles and we’ve had some disasters, but we’ve worked through all those disasters and we’ve all got better for it."

Roger O’Brien, Managing Director, Chargeurs

Ming Xue Fan, wool inspector
12 years' service
Xiao Ying Hou, Machine Operator
12 years' service
Gui Liang Kan, Machine Operator
1 year's service

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