Need clothing to keep out extreme cold? icebreaker’s women’s outer layers can keep you fully heated against any temperature. The range of merino wool women’s jackets includes puffers, lightweight windproof shells and overall protective jackets. Our women’s outer layers are ready for movement, whether travelling to colder parts of the world, simple exercise in the park or even a long distance race, our jackets are lightweight, allowing a full range of movement without constraint. Check out our hooded jackets for full head and torso cover - our jackets are layered twice to protect against the wind and the rain. Complement your outfit with icebreaker accessories, such as hats, or try our trousers or shorts to get all over cover. Our first layers seal the deal with a tanks and tees for women. Take a look here at icebreaker’s collection of women’s outer layers, and discover the best merino wool women’s jackets around.
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