Shop icebreaker's high-quality merino wool first layer collection, today! Comprised of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, skirts, dresses and more, our women's first layer clothes are made of naturally temperature-regulating and odour resistant merino wool. icebreaker's layering system combines everyday staples that are designed to work together to regulate your temperature no matter the environment. Trapping natural bodily heat pockets when you need it and releasing them when you don't, our versatile merino first layers make the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. Our long sleeve shirts are designed to fit easily under outer layers to keep you cosy during cold weather. With low bulk and light-weight long sleeve shirts designed to insulate, icebreaker's first layer collection is the modern travellers dream. Check out our women’s base layers for more layering options or stay warm with icebreaker’s collection of jackets & vests. Or stop by the rest of our women’s department for all your wardrobe needs. Dress up your closet with easy-to-wear, easy-to-pack light first layer clothing.
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