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icebreaker warranty information


Comfort guarantee

We guarantee icebreaker to be the world’s most comfortable & best performing merino clothing. If you’re not completely satisfied with your icebreaker, return it within 30 days using the instructions below and we’ll be happy to refund it.

  1. If you purchased your icebreaker from, please fill out the following form to begin your comfort claim process (proof of purchase is required).
  2. If you purchased your icebreaker from a local retailer or one of our icebreaker Touch Labs, please return your product directly to them. Contact us with any questions or issues.

Damage warranty

We will also refund your icebreaker garment within 1 year of purchase if it has been damaged by faulty fabric, stitching or manufacturing.

Please return your garment as soon as possible so we can assess its condition and send you a refund. Damage that occurs after a year is usually caused by wear and tear.

Please fill out the following information to begin your warranty claim process (proof of purchase is required).

Please allow 2-3 business days for an email response from customer service.