Our design principles

icebreaker is not a fashion company. We like to be relevant, but if we’re too ‘right now’ it will probably be over by the time you wear it. We want our clothing to be relevant in your wardrobe for many seasons.


With elegant simplicity comes timelessness that doesn't date.


icebreaker is the polar opposite of fast fashion. Through high quality performance our goal is to thrive in your wardrobe and during your activities for many seasons.


Our clothes transcend single usage – we make multi-functional pieces that adapt to your life and style, on the mountain, in the city and at home.


We make purposeful clothing that responds to your body’s active needs.


We are the natural performance pioneers. Our roots are founded in the land of the merino sheep - that drives us to continue to lead, innovate and create from what nature provides.


Our design position is to use only what we need and nothing that we don't. We believe in leaving the planet better than we found it, by not wasting precious resources and considering every step in the process.

91% of our global fabric composition is natural fibre and only 9% is man-made.* *As at 2020.

How and why we use both natural and synthetic materials

To make our ‘top to toe’ layering system possible we sometimes combine our merino with other fibres. We never do this to make the fabrics cheaper or to compensate for poor quality wool. We do it to enhance the functionality of merino and create new uses for merino. Can you imagine your socks and underwear without a touch of ELASTANE® for stretch and comfort?

We are committed to inspiring an industry with less reliance on petrochemical fibres. Our research and development team is constantly searching for natural alternatives and solutions.

Natural vs man-made fabric consumption as at 2019

Natural fibre

fibre consumption as at 2019

Non merino NYLON 9%

Fabric consumption

Natural vs man-made fabric consumption AS AT 2019

Natural fibre

fibre consumption

fibre consumption as at 2019

Non merino NYLON 8%

We work with the best that nature provides to provide the best natural performance solutions possible.

Our core fabrications


Our customers are demanding lighter weight fabrics, but this risks lower fabric integrity which leads to holes. We discovered that by wrapping the merino around an ultrafine nylon core we could increase the strength of the fabric. This increase does not affect the comfort or odour-resistant properties of merino against the skin but does create a garment that lasts much longer.

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Our summer fabric, icebreaker Cool-Lite™, is a remarkable blend of merino and TENCEL™. TENCEL™ is a fibre made from cellulose found in the wood pulp of renewable eucalyptus trees.

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BodyFitZone™ is our innovative technology that uses fine merino yarns blended with a touch of LYCRA® to enhance muscular performance and recovery. Strategically placed mesh panels create natural thermal dumping zones for optimal temperature regulation, breathability and next-to-skin softness.

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MerinoLoft™ wool fibre insulation is a natural, intelligent alternative to synthetic insulation and duck down. It’s a machine washable, breathable, lightweight insulation, even when wet.

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It’s shocking that what has become commonly known as ‘fleece’ on the high street isn’t fleece at all. It’s plastic – polyester. We want to reclaim the word by making fleece out of fleece. RealFleece® fabric is brushed to deliver the ultimate softness and warmth.

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Sustainability isn’t just a feature of our products, it’s in the values and design of our business.

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