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The Remarkables,
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It has taken us 25 years to craft our business
and we haven’t finished yet.

Our transparency report is the result of our 25 years of commitment to building an ethical and sustainable business and while we’re not perfect, we are proud of what we have achieved.

In this report we share with you our journey from our origins to where we are today. We identify where we can improve and our aspirations for the future.

3 main areas for improvement






Supply chain


Natural performance

We believe nature has a better way and our product team are relentlessly seeking natural fibre alternatives to the synthetic fibres we use today.


icebreaker is currently preparing for a comprehensive review and refresh of our global packaging for 2023. We are taking this as an opportunity to focus our efforts on taking a circular economy approach to our packaging. Our aim is to use materials that can be safely returned to the soil or reused and recycled in closed loops.

Return & recycle program

We want to reward our loyal consumers that want to make a difference. We are committed to establishing a return and recycle product lifecycle program, for consumers wanting to return their icebreaker for recycling by 2022.


Environmental Guidelines

All our factories are on-boarded to the strictest environmental standards. However, we are developing our own icebreaker factory environmental guidelines, backed up through benchmarking & independent auditing, to ensure we are exactly where we want to be. Leading, rather than following.

Head office carbon emmisions report

We have grassroots environmental projects in place throughout our global offices, but we are now committed to completing a head office carbon & waste emissions report to better understand our carbon impact and set targets for improvement.

Product lifecycle assessment

We are committed to understanding the impact of our product on the planet. We are starting this lengthy & intensive process with an ‘on farm’ lifecycle assessment in partnership with NZ Merino to better understand the impact of merino farming.

Supply chain

Establishment of the icebreaker growers club

We are committed to long term grower relationships to protect our NZ wool source. We have recently established the icebreaker Growers Club, offering 10 year supply contracts to our loyal NZ growers.

"We aren’t perfect, but we are conscious of our choices, and are constantly striving for better."

Jeremy Moon, Founder

Sustainability isn’t just a feature of our products, it’s in the values and design of our business.

Read our transparency report