icebreaker needs you.

We don’t release our new designs to the public until they’re tried and tested. Fancy helping us out with that? If you’re based in New Zealand, you can apply to join our wear testing flock.

Tried and tested.

We’re all about making high-quality clothing with natural fibres. Because we believe there is a better way, and nature has the answers. Our clothing offers style and sustainability, with less impact on the planet.

Our merino fibres face the ultimate field test – out in nature. Warm in the cold and cool in the heat, merino is the natural choice for everyday comfort. We harness these performance properties to create innovative clothing for your life on the move.

And we’re constantly striving for better designs and innovations as we move to natural with merino wool or plant-based fibres. So go on - apply today, try them out and tell us what our clothes are really made of. Well, apart from merino, of course.

Wear testing process


Do I get to keep these garments? +

Yes! Every wear test garment which you receive, you get to keep forever! You are provided with a postal bag as some garments need to be returned to the icebreaker head for review. Once these garments have been looked over, they will be posted straight back to you to enjoy.

How long do I have this garment for? +

12 weeks. We will be in touch after 4 weeks for early feedback.

How to return my garment? +

You have been provided with a return parcel bag - please keep this! It is already addressed to the icebreaker head office. When you are directed, please send back all garments with a number on their inside tag.

Please ensure your garment is freshly washed before returning it.

When will I get it back? +

Once we receive your garment we will start to process and analyze it straight away. We hope to have it back to you within 2-3 weeks.

I've just received my garment, tried it on, and it doesn’t fit! What do I do!? +

Please send an email through to as soon as possible, we will be in touch with regards to next steps!

Lost a garment? +

Please let us know as soon as possible. Each wear tester has been provided with a specific number of garments which have a unique garment number. We will be able to track this and make a note of this in our system.

Something weird is happening with my garment - its shrunk, or has a hole! What do I do!? +

Please let us know as soon as possible! Please send an email through to with any questions or concerns.

Any other questions? +

Please send an email through to with any questions or concerns.