Perfect for all weather, icebreaker's men's mid layers are the perfect addition for every winter active wardrobe. Releasing body heat when you need it, yet keeping you warm when you want it, this wool mid layer collection is everything the true outdoorsman is looking for. Our men's fleece mid layers are the best when it comes to staying warm and comfortable. With the natural temperature regulating fibers of our high-quality merino wool, icebreaker's wool base layer and mid layer collections are both versatile and functional. Whether you're out for a long day on the trail or trying to pack light for a long trip, our men's mid layers offer an extra wool base layer for protection against the elements. And with odor resistant and sweat wicking technology, you'll always feel comfortable and dry. Comprised of sweaters, jackets, cardigans and hoodies our collection of men's mid layers is perfect for pairing with our men's t-shirts for an added layer if things get particularly cold. Also, shop our accessories for men. Or, take a look at our selection of merino wool socks, perfectly cushioned for every outdoor activity. Be comfortable when you're outdoors with icebreaker's men's mid layers.
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Man wearing icebreaker underwear, baselayer, t-shirt, mid layer and jacket
Create your own microclimate for maximum comfort, whatever the conditions. Our layering system is packed with options for just the right combination of cozy and breathable.

Underwear - Start with soft and lightweight merino next to your skin. Merino fibers naturally absorb sweat and resist odor, so they’re essential if you want to feel fresh and comfortable all day, all year round.

Base layers - Wear these super-soft tops and bottoms over your icebreaker underwear as your insulating layer. Choose from a range of fabric weights – the heavier it is, the warmer you’ll feel. Fit also affects warmth. Wear your base layer snug to feel extra cozy.

First layers - Your most versatile layer: T-shirts, tanks and tops. Choose from lightweight with short sleeves for the hottest days to long sleeves in heavier weights for winter warmth – either on their own or over your base layer.

Mid layers - Think of these as your ‘on and off’ layers. Wind picking up? Shrug on that hoodie. Sun coming out? Peel off that sweater and pop it in your pack. This is the layer you grab for ‘just in case’ that can make all the difference to your comfort levels.

Outer layers - From hard-working on-mountain jackets to that handy vest you grab for a wintry training session, outer layers insulate from the outside in, trapping in the heat generated by your body, and base and first layers, as well as letting your body breath during bursts of high exertion.