icebreaker merino wool clothing is comfortable and versatile for everyday wear and adventures near and far. Our tops are made from the finest merino wool, a sustainably grown fiber that is naturally odor-resistant and regulates your body temperature, keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Wear our base layers on their own or underneath your winter clothes for the ultimate in breathable warmth. Our tops offer a range of options, from our wool jackets made with natural insulation and our women’s vests for versatile layering, to our men’s sweaters for cozy warmth at work or home. Pair with our range of leggings and pants for top-to-toe comfort.
icebreaker weighting system. The larger the number the warmer the garment.
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The bigger the number, the warmer you'll be.

From summer heat to winter chill, there's a fabric weight to keep you in your comfort zone.

320 - 380 Heavyweight - Built to keep out the coldest conditions.

240 - 280 Midweight - Best suited for cold conditions.

200 - 230 Lightweight - Best suited for moderate to cool conditions.

150 - 180 Ultralight - Versatile all season performance.

120 - 135 Featherweight - Best for warm to hot conditions.