Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Nature.Rewards Program?
When you join the Program, you can earn points on your purchases made in the Canada's icebreaker website at or "Participating Stores". Points will be earned during each Nature.Rewards Year. A Nature.Rewards Year shall be defined as 1 June 2019 through 31 May 2020.


Am I eligible to join the Nature.Rewards Program?
You must be at least 18 years of age or above to become a member. Employees of icebreaker Merino Clothing Inc and all its affiliates and subsidiaries, and/or individuals receiving a discount or free product to represent the icebreaker brand are not eligible.


How do I join the Nature.Rewards Program?
You may register to become a Nature.Rewards Program Member online at by creating an account.

You are responsible for providing the correct email address to receive points and rewards. As a result, each Member is responsible for maintaining accurate and updated personal information, including your email address. You may update your personal information online at, by emailing, or by calling 1-866-403-0576.

You may opt-out of the Program at any point in time by emailing, or by calling 1-866-403-0576.


When can I join the Nature.Rewards Program?
You may join the Program at any time between 1 June 2019 through 31 May 2020. The earlier you join the Program, the longer period you have to earn and accumulate points and enjoy your rewards.


How do I earn points?
Points can be earned and accumulated during the Nature.Rewards Year.

You will receive fifty (50) points when you sign up for an account and register as a Member. This can be done on Alternatively, this can also be cone with the assistance of retail staff in the “Participating Stores”. When you shop online at you will receive ten (10) points for every C$1 spent on eligible full-price product, five (5) points for every C$1 spent on eligible discounted product. Other activities will be announced by icebreaker from time to time.

There will be a delay between the time of purchase and the actual award of points to your account. Products that are returned will count towards the deduction of points eventually awarded. Points have no cash value. You cannot give or transfer your points to anyone else.


Can I earn points for purchases made during a promotional activity and/or sale?
Purchases made during a promotional period will not be eligible to earn points unless explicitly stated.


Which are the "Participating Stores" in which this programme is available?

Store Physical address
icebreaker Park Royal Touch Lab The Village At Park Royal, 825 Main St, Unit G3, West Vancouver, British Columbia, V7T2Z3 Canada
icebreaker Kitsilano Touch Lab 2089 West 4Th Avenue, Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6J 1N3, Canada
icebreaker Edmonton Touch Lab West Edmonton Mall, 8882-170Th Street NW, Unit E-220, Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 3J7 Canada
icebreaker Calgary Touch Lab Chinook Centre, 6455 Macleod Trail SW, Unit# 1159, Calgary, Alberta, T2H 0K8, Canada
icebreaker Toronto Touch Lab 278B Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2A1, Canada
icebreaker Ottawa Touch Lab Rideau Centre, 50 Rideau St #271, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9J7, Canada
icebreaker Montreal Touch Lab 1515 St-Catherine Street West, Suite 1-725, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 2W1 Canada
icebreaker Carrefour Laval Touch Lab Space T032D, 3003 Boulevard Le Carrefour, Laval, Quebec, H7T 1C8, Canada
icebreaker Vancouver Outlet 69-7899 Templeton Station Road, Richmond, Vancouver, V7B 0B7, Canada
icebreaker Toronto Outlet Suite 509, Toronto Premium Outlets, 13850 Steeles Avenue West, Halton Hills, Ontario L7G 0J1, Canada

Can my points be converted into cash or used to redeem rewards?
No. Accumulated points are used for the sole purpose of determining the Membership Level you achieve within a Nature.Rewards Year.


Do my accumulated points expire?
All the points you have earned within a Nature.Rewards Year will continue to accumulate until 31 May 2020. On 1 June 2020, all your accumulated points will be reset to zero (0).


How do Membership Levels work?
Levels are tied to the points you earned within a Nature.Rewards Year. Each Level brings with it associated Level Rewards. You will start off with zero (0) points at Level 0 upon registration as a Member. You will progressively get upgraded to higher Levels upon accumulating a certain amount of points within the Nature.Rewards Year ending 31 May 2020.

Accumulated Points Membership Level
0 – 1,999 Member (Level 0)
2,000 - 4,999 Seeker (Level 1)
5,000 - 9,999 Adventurer (Level 2)
≥10,000 The Natural (Level 3)

Does my Membership in a Level expire?
Members achieving the Seeker, Adventurer and The Natural Levels will remain within that Level for a maximum of two (2) Nature.Rewards Years. For example, if John achieves the Adventurer Level on 1 May 2020, he will enjoy the Level Rewards associated with Adventurer Level right through 31 May 2020 (end of Nature.Rewards Year 1) and until 31 May 2021 (end of Nature.Rewards Year 2).


Will I be stuck within a certain Level throughout the entire Year 2?
It depends. From the example, John will remain within the Adventurer Level until he accumulates more than 10,000 points any time between 1 June 2020 and 31 May 2021. As soon as he accumulates more than 10,000 points, John will immediately achieve The Natural Level, in which he will be eligible to stay until 31 May 2022.


What rewards and benefits do I receive as a Member?
(A) You get Instant Rewards upon earning a certain amount of points within an Nature.Rewards Year:
• First 2,000 points - C$20 discount voucher, one-time use
• Next 3,000 points - C$60 discount voucher, one-time use
• Next 5,000 points - C$150 discount voucher, one-time use

Instant Rewards are discount vouchers issued electronically for discount off purchases from and applicable subject to these Program terms. They are not Gift Cards or Digital Gift Cards of icebreaker. They are sent electronically to the email address submitted at the time of registration into the “The Program”. They expire at the end of the 3rd calendar month from the date of issuance.

Each Instant Reward will contain a unique code that may be used at by entering the code during checkout. Prior to an Instant Reward expiring, the value of each voucher must be utilized in its entirety within individual purchases.

Instant Rewards are not convertible to or redeemable for cash and/or exchange for other rewards. Instant Rewards may only be used and applied on Return of items purchased with an Instant Reward will not result in the reinstatement of the Instant Reward. icebreaker reserves the right to change the value of the Instant Reward voucher associated to a Level at any time.

(B) You will also be entitled to Level Rewards. Members achieving the Seeker, Adventurer and The Natural Levels at any time during the Nature.Rewards Year will enjoy Level Rewards exclusively tied to the respective Levels.

Level Rewards are benefits you will enjoy so long as you are within the Level. All Level Rewards you are entitled to are made visible to you within your account in You will also receive emails from time to time to remind you of your Level Rewards.

Level Rewards are not convertible to, or redeemable for cash and/or exchange for other rewards.

Accumulated Points Membership Level Level Rewards
0 – 1,999 Member (Level 0)
  1. Exclusive updates of upcoming events, product launches and end of season sales via Email Newsletters
2,000 - 4,999 Seeker (Level 1)
  1. Level 0 benefits
  2. Free standard shipping on next order
  3. Early access to Sales
  4. Early access to New Season/Product Launches
5,000 - 9,999 Adventurer (Level 2)
  1. Level 1 benefits
  2. Free standard shipping for 3 months
  3. Exclusive preview to new products
  4. Exclusive promotions/offers
≥10,000 The Natural (Level 3)
  1. Level 2 benefits
  2. Free shipping

Where can I use the discount coupons issued to me?
Rewards in the form of discount coupons can be applied on purchases made on the website or any of the “Participating Stores”, subject to their expiry dates. Each discount coupon must be applied in its entirety within a single order. The discount coupon’s value cannot be partially applied, split across multiple orders or saved for future orders.


What Email and Privacy Policies govern my Membership Subscription?
By registering for the Program, you agree to receive transactional emails regarding the Nature.Rewards Program from icebreaker. These may include information about Points, Levels, Instant Rewards, Level Rewards, Program updates, and other related materials at the discretion of icebreaker. Members may not unsubscribe from transactional emails of the Program, but can cancel their membership in the Program as described in the General Terms. When registering for the Program, Members will have the option of signing up to receive promotional email offers and updates from icebreaker. Members may unsubscribe from icebreaker promotional emails at any time via the unsubscribe link in those emails.

By registering for the Program, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in the icebreaker Privacy Policy.