Welcome to Icebreaker’s Pro Deal Program

This is where industry partners enjoy Icebreaker product at a discount price! Our Pro Deal Program is designed for outdoor professionals and industry partners who use our gear and represent the Icebreaker ethos in their outdoor communities. As gear experts, public servants and key influencers, your advocacy of Icebreaker raises awareness and drives us to continually design the best merino product possible.

CLICK HERE to review our Pro Deal Guidelines and Requirements.

Please Note: All Pro Deal sales are final. No exchanges or returns. $10 Flat Rate Shipping.

Welcome to Icebreaker’s Pro Deal Program

Icebreaker’s Pro Deal Program is where industry partners enjoy Icebreaker product at a discounted price! As gear experts, public servants and key influencers, your advocacy of Icebreaker raises awareness and drives us to continually design the best merino product possible.

This program is a privilege, and should not be abused. Approval process can take up to 7 days depending on amount of applications. All rules and regulations are explained below.

Groups include:
  • Industry Professionals: Individuals who work for outdoor equipment manufacturers.
  • Outdoor Professionals: Licensed/paid outdoor guides/instructors, Professional Ski & Snowboard Instructors & Ski Patrol.
  • Media: Individuals and organizations in the broadcast, digital, print, or film industries.
  • Outdoor Education/Non-Profits: Organizations that actively serve in the outdoors or support environmental/outdoor related causes.
  • Government: Employees who serve in local and national government agencies who actively work in the outdoors. Avalanche Professionals, Search and Rescue, Military & Forest Service.
  • Authorized Retail Staff: Current employees of wholesale independent distributors who actively sell Icebreaker product in the United States.
  • Ambassadors: Those pre-approved by Icebreaker staff to receive a special discount.


  • Purchases are to be made for the individual ONLY. No purchases for friends or family members.
  • Special product collections are at times NOT included in pro pricing.
  • Once approved membership lasts 1 full year. You will receive a renewal email close to or after your expiration date. You will be required to reapply at that time.
  • Retail staff or any other pro members may in no way discuss the program with customers or their peers. Rather, the expectation is that if the individual likes the product, they will make product references and direct towards icebreaker.com or local wholesale distributors.
  • Membership is a privilege, therefore if any terms are known to be violated, Icebreaker has the full responsibility to terminate membership at any time.




  • Company email address
  • Copy of Pay Stub




  • Copy of Certification Card showing full “Rock, Alpine or Ski Mountaineering ” Guide status.

Ski/Rock Climbing/Mountaineering (non AMGA/ACMG)

  • 2 Letters of Reference (1 client, 1 other guide)/ and or recommendations
  • Pay Stub if working for a reputable guide service or other documentation proving full time employment as a guide and experience.

Ski Patrol

  • NSP Certified Patrollers can qualify through NSP Partner Program with either Paid or Volunteer status and will see that option when applying.
  • Patrollers without NSP certification: You must be a Full Time Paid patroller and provide Pay stub from a resort.

PSIA Ski/Snowboard Instructor/Certified Coaches

  • PSIA/AASI Certified Instructors can qualify through PSIA/AASI Partner Program through snowpros.org and will see that option when applying.
  • Copy of Level II or III or Examiner certification card
  • Level I may be accepted with letter of reference from school director or proof of employment
  • Certified coaches must submit copies of certificates and proof of paid coaching status


  • Company email address from Station, Publisher or Newspaper
  • Copy of Pay Stub
  • Copy of Business Card
  • Copy or link to article or published work

Outdoor education & non profits

  • Scans of Marketing collateral, website, and other program related documents
  • Copies of Certifications/Affiliations
  • Copy of Pay Stub
  • Copy of Business Card



Avalanche Professionals

  • Pay Stub showing full time paid status
  • Copy of certifications
  • Copy of Pay Stub
  • Copy of Business Card

Search and Rescue

  • Membership ID from NASAR or Regional equivalent
  • Copy of Pay Stub
  • Copy of Program Certification

Forest service (Full & Part time)

  • Copy of Employee ID
  • Copy of Pay Stub

By completing this application you acknowledge:

  • Icebreaker may contact you via email about your pro account. Please note that we respect your privacy; email and mailing addresses are not released to third parties.
  • The responsibility and rules that comes with the special pricing Icebreaker offers you as an industry professional include:
    1. 1. Do not share your discount price with anybody outside the realm of your membership.
      2. Talking about your pro deal in retail stores with customers will result in termination from the program.
      3. Product is for personal/professional use only, not resale.
      4. All sales are final – no returns/exchanges.
      5. Pro deal members are not eligible for free shipping.
  • Membership is valid for up to one (1) year from application date. You will be asked to renew your membership at the conclusion of this period.
  • The products received through the program are for you and you alone. The purchase of products for people other than yourself will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  • Returning items for a refund/exchange to a retail store is prohibited.

US Shipping Address only. For Canadian users, please visit the Pro Link found on our Canadian website.

We respect the work you do as an outdoor professional and hope you are able to enjoy the pro deal discounts we offer. In return, we hope you acknowledge, understand and respect how seriously we take this program. We look forward to having you on board!